r/Bitcoin adds 100k+ Members in One Day

The Crypto Universe is Expanding

In the wake of Wallstreetbets’ hedge fund takedown, some traders are getting into crypto. Frustrated by the rage-fueled institutional response to a forced short squeeze that took 50% of one hedge fund’s value, retail equities investors seem to be moving into crypto. This is reflected on Reddit, with a wave of new readers on /rBitcoin.

Bringing Home the Bacon

In addition to interest by retail investors and traders, the crypto space has also seen a pretty big jump in job availability. Podcaster Anthony “Pomp” Pomliano probably illustrated this best.

Finding a Crypto Job

One of the ways that this bull run is different from the one in 2017 is the number of professionals in the sector. Indeed, there are now many more blockchain developers and creatives familiar with the technology. Businesspeople have found businesses to invest in and manage.

Moon? When?

It remains unclear how much this media interest is affecting crypto prices. Bitcoin’s price has been consolidating for some time. This is normal for Bitcoin in Q1, according to analyst Willy Woo.



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